Edgeview Rail System by Taylor Made Extrusions, Inc. is a fully integrated screen system with cables or pickets from the chair rail down, providing a panoramic view above the rail.

Why Edgeview?

Edgeview is a screened railing system specifically designed for multistory balconies or porches. It has customizable options for either picket or cable integration, as well as motorized screen from ceiling to chair rail.

How is Edgeview Different?

Homeowners no longer have to make sacrifices. Edgeview continues to keep out unwanted, outside elements but allows for an unobstructed view up to 21 feet wide above the chair rail! Our patented design allows you to install, clean, and maintain from the inside. This means all aluminum and hardware can be maintained without scaffolding or ladders.

Featured Benefits:

Up to 21 feet without vertical posts

Edgeview allows customers to keep and enhance the views they paid for. You have the ability to install 21-foot wide screen windows with no floor-to-ceiling posts. Our engineering meets FBC and IBC standards and we are engineered stamped in 12 states (with more to come).

Integrated cable rail in bottom panel

Removing the standard picket allows us to have an integrated cable for a clearer, modernized view.

Screen installed from inside

Framing, hardware, and maintenance can all be accessed from inside the porch or balcony. Because of the accessibility to perform maintenance, customers are more likely to be able to successfully claim warranty if needed. In addition, multilevel buildings will no longer need to take on the liability and cost of scaffolding, cherry pickers, or hanging structures to do routine maintenance.

Heavier gauge & updated engineering

The heavier gauge significantly improves structural integrity of the railing system, which is especially important in areas that are prone to hurricanes.

Limited 10-year warranty

Raises homeowner value perception and peace of mind.

Removable picket panel design

If screen need to be replaced, picket panel can be easily removed, re-screened, and reinstalled with minimal construction hassle and cost. Picket panels can also be easily replaced by a simple swap, if needed.


  • Edgeview Cable Railing Systems
  • Edgeview Picket Railing Systems
  • Single Family Residences
  • Multi-family Residences
  • Hotels

US Patents:

US 11,125,013 B1
US 11,603,805 B2